Royal Oak Property Services

Started in 1984, Royal Oak Property Services provides commercial property maintenance (CPM), commercial facility/store and construction services throughout Southern California. As general contractors, we cover all trades needed to repair and maintain commercial properties at their highest value. For the past 29 years our clients have relied on our trusted expertise.

One call for service and one check for payment; for our clients this means simplicity. No more chasing individual vendors for bills, environmental compliance, insurance certs or tax information. We help our clients properly repair and maintain their facilities to attract the best tenants and customers to their site.


Royal Oak is your solution for all aspects of commercial property repairs, maintenance and construction.  Work orders can be placed on our toll-free hotline or electronically.  We get live updates on urgent and emergency problems from the field. When a work order is placed you can receive updates such as ETA or completion status via phone, e-mail or text.

The Royal Oak Difference

Our competitive multi-level pricing structure makes sure our clients pay less than they would to individual contractors and with far fewer problems. Please see our pricing section for hourly rates by category. Royal Oak’s field technicians are uniformed, have ID badges and all have a minimum of ten years of experience working in maintenance and construction trades.

Our extensive knowledge in the field and our familiarity with your site means less time looking and more time working. Because we perform work at over 300 commercial properties throughout Southern California, we have crews in most areas daily. We are on call 24 hours a day for emergencies. Our technicians have smart phones, allowing us to photograph and get real time live information to our clients from the field.

Facility Managers Trust Royal Oak Property Services

For facility managers, we know quick response time and job completion is a must. Our 29 years of experience makes this a reality. Our client’s stores/sites stay open during repairs and experience minimum down time during emergencies.

Because we are General Contractors, our employees are skilled in all trades and are comfortable in most of our service calls. However, if a job requires a higher level of skill, sub-contractors may be called in to assist and/or complete the work together with our serviceman. If this is occurs please note that we utilize only a short list of screened, licensed and insured sub-contractors who provide WHOLESALE COSTS to us due to our high volume of business we provide them. You will be contacted when and if this occurs.

Preventative Maintenance Programs

Our optional preventative maintenance programs help to reduce service calls, prevent emergencies and keep unexpected costs at a minimum. We know you have a budget and we want to help you stay on track. When your budget projections are due we can provide yearly estimates you can trust and then during the year review your expenses as needed.

Royal Oak Clients Include:

  • National Property/Asset Management Firms
  • Facility Management Companies
  • Financial Institutions
  • National & Local Chain Stores/Restaurants
  • Municipalities & Individual Owners
Royal Oak Property Services is your solution for all aspects of commercial property repairs, maintenance and construction.
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