Curb Appeal for Commercial Properties

Curb Appeal for Commercial Properties | Royal Oak Property Maintenance

Curb appeal is often emphasized in regards to enhancing or selling homes, but curb appeal is just as important for commercial properties. First impressions can make or break a potential customer’s decision to do business with a company. These first impressions can be formed simply on the basis of how a property looks on the outside. The landscaping of your property sends an important message to customers, such as the quality of your services. In time for Spring, here are landscape management and maintenance tips that can help better market your business and welcome customers to your property through curb appeal.

Spruce Up Signage

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A company sign is what customers often focus on first when pulling up to a property. Faded, tattered or broken signs can give off an impression of neglect and disinterest. Who wants to work with a business that does not even care for its own name? Make certain that your sign is large enough to read from afar and stands out from its background. LED signs are also helpful for businesses that operate in the evenings and early mornings.

Freshen Paint

Giving your building a new coat of paint can do wonders for attracting customers. Choose a color that is appealing and compliments the rest of your surroundings. Using accent colors on trims can add a dramatic look to the building. You may want to consider incorporating your company colors, but avoid colors that are distracting and do not reflect your branding. Paint can also protect your building from elements, furthering the investment of your maintenance efforts.

Improve Lighting                                                       

Outdoor lighting fixtures can highlight architecture and overall landscaping of your property. These fixtures and path lighting are also essential for safety and security. Using LED bulbs and connecting them to a timer can reduce excessive light and save your company money.      

Remove Eyesores

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Getting rid of weeds not only enhances the aesthetics of your landscape, but can also prevent harm to the plants you do want to thrive. Remove other unsightly items like trash and hazardous waste from the premises. This is not only legally required, but also improves curb appeal.

Need Help?

How your property looks on the outside makes a big statement about your business. Do not let poor upkeep of your landscaping be the face of your company. Consider hiring a contractor to manage your commercial property maintenance, repair and construction needs. Contact one of the experienced and knowledgeable team members of Royal Oak Property Services at 310-872-5999.