Why You Should Count on Professionals to Mulch Your Commercial Property

Why You Should Count on Professionals to Mulch Your Commercial Property | Royal Oak Property Services

In an earlier article Royal Oak shared 4 Reasons Mulching is Important for Commercial Properties. Here, in this followup, we’d like to elaborate on why this important maintenance function is best left to professionals.

The look of your commercial property is a crucial element in running your business. Not only does an attractive campus result in happier employees — and happier employees are more productive employees — but it also allows you to put your best foot forward. The first thing new clients and customers will see when they arrive at your property is what the exterior looks like, so you want it to look good. Opting for mulch is an excellent choice for your property.

The Benefits of Mulching Your Commercial Property

Mulching isn’t just a sharp look for your property, it is also beneficial to the land itself. From fighting invasive plants to encouraging healthy growth for your intended arrangements, mulch provides a variety of benefits:

  • It helps to retain moisture in your soil, creating a more fertile ground for growth
  • Mulch provides temperature control by insulating the soil during cold weather months, while also providing cover for young growth in the summer
  • Properly applied mulch minimizes the risk of unsightly weed growth
  • It reduces soil compaction and encourages natural soil development

If you’re property will benefit from mulching, you should rely on the professional quality which comes from hiring an experienced property maintenance company.

Professionals Know When to Mulch

An effective mulching plan involves more than just buying a bunch of mulch and laying it out around your property. Before you can even begin to worry about how much mulch is required and where, you need to know when to lay out new mulch. Professionals will know your climate and know when is the right time to provide maintenance work to keep your mulch in top shape. This is exceptionally important in Southern California where we do in fact have numerous micro-climates with wide extremes in humidity and temperature. Communities and property needs differ greatly from the cooler beach areas, to the hot downtowns, and to the arid foothills.

Professionals Know How to Mulch

When you work with experts you can be sure that just the right amount of mulch is being used. When too little mulch is laid it provides insufficient coverage and protection, whereas excessive mulching can get messy and unattractive and even stifle trees or bushes in the mulch. Over-ordering the needed mulch also can greatly raise costs unnecessarily. With professional installation and maintenance you know you’ve got just the right arrangement.

Professionals Make Your Property Look Great

Remember that first impression we mentioned? With professional work you can be confident that it is as perfect as possible. The experience that a professional brings to the job allows them to plan and execute an eye-catching arrangement that will impress everyone who arrives on your property.

If you’re ready to add mulching to your commercial property, get in touch with Royal Oak Property Services today. As Southern California’s commercial maintenance professionals, we’ll help you plan out your ideal look, and get your property looking its best in no time. Contact
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