Does Your Company Need Day Porter Services?

Does Your Company Need Day Porter Services? | Royal Oak Property Services

Sometimes the small details get overlooked by companies, but those details can add up to make a big difference in the perception of the customer. Hiring day porter services to handle day-to-day details can be vital to the upkeep of your commercial property and separate your location over another for prospective tenants.

Daytime Cleaning

Keeping your facility clean and well-maintained takes a well-trained staff and a keen eye. A day porter can work with your current janitorial service to add that extra polish and shine to your business. What image do you want to portray to your customers when they first arrive? What lasting impression do you want them to have when they leave? The small details, like clean and smudge-free front doors or bits of trash and debris that are removed as soon as they occur can take your business to the next level in customer satisfaction.  

Common Area Maintenance

There’s a reason business common areas are a large source of financial allocation. Customers who use common areas expect them to be well-maintained, clean and attractive. If a customer finds a maintenance or cleanliness issue in a common area of your business, a common assumption is that the rest of the facility is equally in disrepair. The lobby or waiting room makes the first impression, but other areas of your business could also benefit from the extra attention day porter services bring.

  • Cafeterias
  • Patios or decks
  • Areas surrounding the entranceway
  • Kitchens
  • Parking areas
  • Walkways

Restroom Monitoring

Often overlooked, a bathroom that is well-maintained and clean lets customers and visitors know you care about your business and want the customer experience to be a positive one. Even with your regular janitorial service, bathrooms accumulate trash and debris quickly. Hiring a porter to assist with bathroom monitoring and servicing can ensure they are always in good repair and consistently well-stocked with bathroom supplies.

Last-Minute Details

If your business maintenance to-do list is growing and you are not sure what to tackle first, hiring day porter services can be the first step toward checking everything off in a timely manner. Last minute changes in events that require set-up or break-down can utilize a porter for assistance. Porter services can help with a variety of small moving or rearranging tasks and are flexible according to the day or the project at hand.

Customer impression is invaluable to a business, and in many cases the small details get overlooked. Day porter services can help make the difference between the customers’ perceptions of a mediocre visit to an experience of excellence. Royal Oak Property Services can help you maintain your California business at the level your customers expect and deserve. Does your property need day porter services? Give us a call at 310-872-5999 for help.