How To Make Your Business ADA Compliant

How To Make Your Business ADA Compliant | Royal Oak Property Services

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was put into effect in 1992. One of its primary goals was to make public spaces accessible for people with disabilities. However, many businesses are still not ADA compliant today. There are various steps needed to make businesses accessible and ADA compliant.

1. Know What Is Required

ADA compliance can mean different things for different spaces. It’s useful to know what regulations your business should follow before making any changes. It can be helpful to hire an expert in ADA compliance to ensure your space is accessible and to reduce the likelihood of your business facing a lawsuit. Common changes can include retrofitting your doorways so a person using a wheelchair could easily navigate the space, changing the layout of areas in your business that are not easily accessible for people who use mobility aids and installing an elevator in your building.

2. Don’t Ignore the Exterior of Your Space

In addition to changing the inside of your property, ADA compliance also might mean making changes to the exterior of your property as well. Businesses with parking lots will normally need to have at least one accessible parking spot, though the number of accessible parking spots required depends on the total number of parking spots. It’s important to make sure that people with disabilities can enter your building as well. Installing a ramp is a helpful way to allow people with disabilities to enter and exit the business, though ramps can also be helpful to parents with strollers. Clearly labeling accessible entryways with signs can help people with disabilities navigate your property with confidence.

3. Remember the Details

Although many people may think that having accessible parking spaces and adding ramps makes a business ADA compliant, there are various aspects of ADA compliance that can easily be overlooked. For example, it’s important to ensure that there are no barriers that would keep a person with a disability from entering or exiting a place. Though you may think of a barrier as being an item that blocks an entryway, a heavy door or a ramp with a high slope can actually be considered a barrier since it can make your business inaccessible to people with disabilities. Small adjustments and fixes can make a major difference in the accessibility of your business.

Making your business ADA compliant can help people with disabilities feel welcomed in your business. Royal Oak Property Services can help to ensure your business is ADA compliant by retrofitting your business and providing maintenance services. Give us a call at 310-872-5999 for help.