3 Reasons Why Pest Control Is Important During the Summertime

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3 Reasons Why Pest Control Is Important During the Summertime | Royal Oak Property Services

During the summer, you want your business to run smoothly and look its best. Unfortunately, pests are a common problem that can affect many businesses in a variety of ways during the summer. However, performing pest control at this time can be beneficial to businesses.

1. Many Pests Thrive in Warm Temperatures

During the summer, many pests are more active due to the warm temperatures. Summer is also a common time for pest activity since the increase in rainfall can lead to the growth of new plant life. Though plants can make your business look attractive, this plant life can also provide a myriad of insects and other pests with nutrients they need. Pests can feed on a variety of grasses, leaves, flowers and more, and can leave your landscape looking tired and unkempt. Performing pest control in the summer can help to keep the plant life in and around your landscape healthy.

2. The Population of Rodents and Other Pests Increases During the Summer

When it comes to rodents, many people think that they primarily enter buildings during the winter in order to seek out warmth and shelter. However, rodents and other pests can enter your building during the summer as well. In the summer, an infestation of insects in your building can provide rodents with a food source. Rodents in your building during the summer can be particularly problematic since they tend to breed during the warmer months of the year, and the population of rodents in your building can drastically increase in a short period of time. In order to control the population, it’s often ideal to perform pest control in the summer.

3. Early Maintenance Prevents Damage

Though you might think it isn’t necessary to perform pest control unless there is an immediate problem, waiting until your business has an issue with pests can often result in a time-consuming and costly remediation process. By performing pest control before your business is fighting against pests, you can help to prevent a problem from occurring in the first place. Additionally, routine pest control can help to spot issues with pests that may have gone unnoticed until more serious damage occurred to your property. Royal Oak Property Services can help you with pest control before a problem starts, which can help to protect the interior and exterior of your business from pests.

Pests often appear in the summertime due to warm temperatures and access to a variety of food, and the impact on your business can be devastating. However, performing pest control can help to keep your landscape looking healthy, reduce the population of pests and prevent your business from sustaining damage. Royal Oak Property Services can help to ensure your business is pest free. Give us a call at 310-872-5999 for help.