3 Landscaping Tips for Summer

3 Landscaping Tips for Summer | Royal Oak Property Services

If done right, landscaping can help your business appear inviting and welcoming. However, there are several common mistakes business owners make that can affect the appearance of their property’s landscape. Learning how to maintain your landscape during the summer can help you improve the health and appearance of your business’s landscape.

1. Don’t Mow Too Often

During the summer, grass can grow quickly, especially if you live in an area that experiences frequent rainfall and warm temperatures. Many people worry that allowing their grass to grow too high will make their businesses look unkempt and uninviting. While it’s important not to let your grass grow too high, mowing too frequently can also cause issues. Excessive mowing of your lawn can put your grass under stress, which may cause your grass to brown, even with adequate amounts of water. Finding a happy medium between mowing too often and mowing infrequently can help keep your grass healthy.

2. Water Your Plants Appropriately

When the temperature rises, many business owners believe that they should increase the amount of water their plants and grass are receiving. Although many plants and types of grass do require extra water in the warmer months of the year, overwatering can cause just as many problems as not watering your plants enough. When plants or grasses receive too much water, the plants cannot properly absorb the nutrients in the soil. Plants that are consistently given too much water often die within a relatively short period of time. Researching the specific grasses and plants in your area can help you to determine how much water your landscape requires.

3. Avoid Pests

The summer is often a time when insects and other pests can wreak havoc on your landscape. If there is an infestation of insects in your landscape, the insects may take up the resources your plant life needs to thrive. As a result, plant life in your landscape could wither. Grubs, worms, chinch bugs and other types of insects are just a few common types of pests that can damage your landscape. If your business is dealing with an infestation of insects or pests, Royal Oak Property Services can help. By getting rid of pests, you can protect the plant life around your business and can also improve the overall appearance of your landscape.

Having a beautiful, well-maintained landscape can make all the difference in the appearance of your business. Knowing how to landscape appropriately during the heat of the summer and what to avoid can help you keep your landscape looking its best. Often however the reality is business owners, commercial center managers, and HOA directors just don’t have the time or wherewithal to maintain landscaping at its best. That is when a professional property maintenance company like Royal Oak serves as your best partner. Any matter of property maintenance inside or out are properly adhered to by Royal Oak. Give them a call today to get started servicing your property’s needs 310-872-5999.