How to Maintain Your Property’s Landscape During the Fall

How To Maintain Your Property's Landscape During the Fall | Royal Oak Property Services

Even though landscaping is generally associated with spring and summertime, there are various types of landscaping that should be done in the fall. To keep your business’s landscape looking fresh and healthy throughout the year, there are a few helpful things you can do in the fall to maintain your property’s landscape.

1. Clean Your Building’s Gutters Regularly

When a building’s gutters are filled with leaves, sticks and other types of debris, the gutters can’t direct rainwater away from your building. If water pools in your gutters, your roof could become damaged. Cleaning your gutters will help to prevent water damage to your property, which can in turn help to prevent mold damage as well. When cleaning your gutters, it can also be useful to make sure the downspout is directed away from your building in order to decrease the chance of your property sustaining flood damage. However, if your building has sustained water or mold damage due to clogged gutters, Royal Oak Property Services can help to restore your property before the winter.

2. Keep Your Landscape Free of Leaves

Your landscape is one of the first things consumers will notice about your property, and if your landscape is covered with leaves, potential customers may get the impression that your business is unkempt. However, dead leaves covering your landscape can also cause damage to your plants, which can affect the overall appearance of your landscape. A layer of leaves can keep grass, flowers and shrubs from properly absorbing the water and nutrients they need to survive as the temperatures become cooler. Rather than having to replace damaged plant life, it’s best to rake away leaves in the fall instead.

3. Move Perennials and Remove Annuals

Certain flowers, referred to as annuals, tend to die after one season, whereas other plants, called perennials, reappear each spring. Though many perennials may appear as if they are dead and won’t return the next spring season, this isn’t the case. Fall is often an ideal time to move perennials, like tulips or coneflowers, elsewhere in your landscape since you won’t be damaging flowers that are actively in bloom. By replanting perennials in the fall, you can change the look of your landscape in the coming spring. After annual plants, such as marigolds or petunias, die at the end of the summer, it’s best to remove these plants in order to free up space in your landscape for next spring.

Regardless of the season, it’s important that your business’s landscape is well-maintained. Frequently cleaning your building’s gutters, raking leaves from the landscape and moving perennials and removing annuals are useful ways to maintain your business’s landscape in the fall.

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