Outdoor Landscaping Tips for Businesses in the Fall

An image of a commercial property with leaves tree with fall leaves and grass that is groomed.

Your property’s landscape helps to define your business, and it’s important for your business’s landscape to look great all year long. Though many people associate landscaping with springtime, landscaping is important in every season, and there are several beneficial landscaping tasks that should be performed in the fall.

1. Prune Trees and Plants

When dead tree limbs fall on a building, substantial damage can occur to a business. Royal Oak Property Services can help to restore your building quickly and efficiently after your building has sustained damage. However, it’s often possible to avoid such damage by pruning trees and plants. Pruning often involves removing dead or diseased parts of a plant. If trees and other types of plants are not pruned prior to winter, they are less likely to bloom the following spring. By pruning the plant life in your landscape as fall begins, however, plants and flowers are more likely to flourish the following spring and summer.

2. Fertilize Plants

Though many people are unsure what time of year is best to fertilize plants, there are various reasons that fertilizing your plants in the fall is beneficial. The summer heat can be harsh on grass, and fertilizing your property’s grass in the fall allows grass to recover its health and prepare for the cold winter ahead. Fertilizing also helps certain plants, such as perennials, trees and shrubs, to receive additional nutrients and to deepen their roots before the winter. By choosing to fertilize in the fall, your plants are more likely to be healthy and strong in the springtime.

3. Spread Grass Seed

Before winter, it’s wise to spread hearty types of grass seed. Spreading seed in the winter doesn’t give the grass enough time to root into the ground before freezing temperatures arrive. By spreading grass seed in the fall, though, the grass will have the chance to root into the ground and won’t be deprived of nutrients it needs to grow. By spreading grass seed in the fall, you also have the chance to fill in any bare patches in your landscape. These bare patches will be full in the spring and summer the following year. In addition to looking great, thick, full grass with few bare spots can also help to prevent the growth of weeds.

The exterior of your business is an extension of your business’s brand, and it’s useful to know how to properly maintain your landscape during the fall. Pruning trees and plants, fertilizing plants and spreading grass seed are all helpful ways to keep your landscape well-maintained in the fall.

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