3 Common Electrical Issues That Affect Businesses

An image of an electrical box with a warning label on it.

For commercial property owners and managers, keeping you businesses running smoothly is a priority. Having a safe, seamless electrical system is often crucial for the daily operations of a commercial property. However, there are various common electrical issues can be disruptive to your business.

1. Power Surges

Although a power surge doesn’t always mean the power in your business will go out for a long period of time, an electrical surge can cause major damage to the appliances in your building and to the electrical system itself. During storms, a power surge can occur when lightning hits a power line or when a tree falls on a line. Power surges can also occur if you are using an appliance that is damaged. Additionally, using devices or pieces of equipment that require large amounts of power, such as elevators, can also result in a surge if your electrical system cannot provide the necessary amount of power. Unplugging items that aren’t constantly in use can sometimes help to prevent electrical surges.

2. Outdated or Improperly Installed Wiring

When the electrical wiring in your business has been properly installed and is up-to-date, you and your consumers can use items that require power seamlessly. However, if wiring in your business is outdated or wasn’t installed correctly to begin with, your business could encounter a multitude of problems. Power that flickers in and out seemingly without reason can be a sign of faulty wiring. Faulty wiring can also cause outlets to spark. If your business does have these issues, installing new wiring is often the best solution.

3. Circuit Breaker Overloading or Tripping Frequently

Your business’s circuit breaker helps to protect your building if too much power is being used. However, it can be frustrating if your circuit breaker is constantly overloading or tripping. Just like power surges, a circuit breaker can overload or trip if a device or appliance needs a large amount of power. Your circuit breaker may also overload or trip if there are several devices that need high amounts of power being used at once. Using energy-efficient appliances can help to decrease the likelihood of your circuit breaker overloading or tripping.

Whether your business has frequent power surges, shows signs of faulty wiring, has a circuit breaker that often trips or overloads or is experiencing other electrical issues, it’s important to employ a company that you can trust to fix the problem. Royal Oak Property Services performs electrical troubleshooting that will ensure your business functions at its best.

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