What You Should Know About Lighting Products in Your Business

The lighting in your business often serves many purposes, helping to make products in your building visible and impacting the overall ambiance of your property. However, changes in recent years may affect the way you use light bulbs and other lighting products in your business.

New Regulations 

The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 put in place new regulations on light bulbs and other lighting products. The general purpose of the Energy and Independence and Security Act of 2007 was to encourage the use of energy-efficient lighting products and to slowly eliminate the use of products that use large amounts of energy. Since this regulation has been enforced, some incandescent bulbs are no longer made or sold. Although these regulations affect many businesses, certain types of lighting that you may use in your business, such as bulbs that are used in greenhouses to grow plants and refrigerator bulbs, are not included in this regulation.

The Price of Change

Due to new regulations and more energy-efficient options, the price of some lighting products, including fluorescent bulbs, has drastically increased. Though fluorescent bulbs have not been banned and these bulbs are generally easy to find, the cost may dissuade consumers from purchasing these bulbs. If your business currently uses fluorescent lighting and you will need your lights replaced soon, it can be useful to research locations where fluorescent bulbs are sold in order to purchase the bulbs at the best price. Alternatively, you may consider swapping your building’s fluorescent lights for a more affordable option.

Products That Help Save Your Business Money

Though making changes to the lighting products in your building can be costly initially, there are certain products that can help to save your business money long-term. Compact fluorescent lights and LED lights are popular choices in businesses due to their durability and energy efficiency. Both types of lights last significantly longer than traditional bulbs and require minimal effort to maintain. Since these lights use less energy than traditional bulbs and don’t often need to be replaced, using either of these lighting products can help to cut the costs of your energy bills.

New lighting can make a big difference in your business, but overhauling your lighting system is often time-consuming and expensive. Royal Oak Property Services can help you update and repair light fixtures in your business in a timely, cost-efficient manner. With the right lighting, you can cut your energy costs and create an inviting atmosphere in your business.

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