How To Prepare Your Landscape for Winter

How To Prepare Your Landscape for Winter | Royal Oak Property Services

As autumn turns to winter, your commercial property’s landscape might not be the first thing on your mind. However, just as you should prepare your building for winter, you should also take steps to maintain and protect your landscape for winter.

Prevent Damage to Trees and Plants

Your plants and trees are an important part of your landscape, and though you probably pay the most attention to your trees and other plants during the spring, summer and fall, it’s also important to maintain them during the winter. Before the temperatures drop significantly, you can add heavy mulch to the areas surrounding your trees and plants. Heavy mulch helps to insulate tree and plant roots, and heavy mulch is also less likely to blow or wash away during a winter storm. It can also be helpful to prune your plants before the weather gets too cold; pruning your plants will allow your plants to more effectively store and use energy during the winter, and plants that have been pruned can also regrow beautifully during the springtime. Before winter storms occur, it’s also helpful to remove any dead limbs from trees that could cause damage to your building or the surrounding area. You can either trim or tie back limbs that are healthy but still too close to your building if cutting them isn’t necessary.

Keep Your Grass Short and Clear Your Lawn

During the winter, you likely won’t need to mow your grass nearly as often as you do in other seasons of the year. However, it’s still useful to keep your grass relatively short. Keeping your grass short can make it harder for animals and insects to eat and damage the grass. This will improve the health of your grass in the springtime. During the winter, it’s also helpful to keep your lawn free from any debris, such as fallen limbs and leaves. While debris can be an eyesore to customers, debris also can make it difficult for grass to store any energy from sunlight, which means your grass may struggle to grow fully in the spring. If grass remains covered for an extended period of time, it may not grow during the warmer months at all. If you need assistance clearing your landscape, consider contacting a commercial property maintenance company such as Royal Oak Property Services.

Protect Your Grass

For grass to appear vibrant and lush in the warmer months of the year, it’s often important to avoid damaging it during the cold winter months. Salt that is often used in the wintertime to minimize the amount of ice can also cause damage to grass, as it’s harsh and abrasive. However, since it’s important to keep your walkways and parking lots free of ice when possible, consider alternatives, such as cat litter, that can serve the same purpose without putting added stress on your grass. Additionally, try to avoid walking on grass and encourage others to do the same when it’s cold, as this can cause damage to the grass in its dormant state.

Your landscape helps your business stand out, and customers often get the first impression of your business by viewing your landscape. If you maintain your landscape before and during winter, it will likely be easier to maintain throughout the year.

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