How To Maintain Your Roof Before and During Winter

How To Maintain Your Roof Before and During Winter | Royal Oak Property Services

During the winter, many commercial buildings often experience issues with their properties’ roofs. A problem with your commercial property’s roof can cause major damage and can be time-consuming and costly to fix. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to maintain your roof and prevent damage during the winter months.

Limit Debris On and Around Your Rooftop

Many business owners use trees and other plant life to improve their properties’ curb appeal and make their buildings stand out. Although plant life is a great way to make our business appear more inviting, trees and other plants can also end up causing damage to your roof, particularly during the winter months when the wind can sweep up limbs, branches and other debris onto your rooftop. Smaller plants may die in the winter, whereas others only become dormant; if you know certain plants aren’t perennials, then it’s often best to remove them before the temperatures drop. Most trees, especially older trees, can withstand the cold winter months. However, it’s useful to trim any dead limbs that could fall onto your building during a storm. Even healthy limbs that are close to your business should be trimmed to lessen the chance of roof damage.

Inspect Your Roof for Signs of Damage

Throughout winter, it’s helpful to inspect your roof routinely for any signs of damage. Though damage can occur to your roof at any time of the year, roof tiles are more prone to damage during winter. Heavy snow can put pressure on roof tiles, and hail and strong winds can result in broken, cracked or even missing roof tiles. When roof tiles are either missing or damaged, a roof leak is likely to occur. Roof leaks can often go unnoticed, especially when they first start. However, over time, a roof leak can cause major water damage to your building and can encourage mold growth. By frequently inspecting your building’s rooftop, you’re more likely to notice missing or damaged tiles in a timely manner, and therefore you’re also more likely to prevent any major roof damage.

Have An Annual Roof Inspection Before the Weather Changes

It’s helpful to limit debris on and around your rooftop and to inspect your roof yourself, but it’s also important to have an annual roof inspection. It’s particularly important to have a roof inspection before winter arrives, as rooftops are often prone to damage from winter storms. Professionals are more likely to notice signs of roof troubles and can also advise you of any beneficial changes that you may need to make to your landscape in order to protect your roof. Additionally, having a roof inspection will increase the likelihood of your roof withstanding the harsh winter weather. If you need your building’s roof inspected before or during winter, it can be helpful to contact a commercial property maintenance company such as Royal Oak Property Services.

Though you may not think too often about the state of your building’s rooftop, it’s important to keep your rooftop well-maintained before and during winter. Maintaining your property’s rooftop can help you to prevent damage to your building and will help to ensure that your business runs smoothly year-round.

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