5 Reasons Why You Need To Service Your HVAC

5 Reasons Why You Need To Service Your HVAC | Royal Oak Property Services

Your commercial property’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning system helps keep the building at a comfortable temperature year-round. If you are like many building owners and managers, if there isn’t a problem with the HVAC, you don’t pay it much attention. However, you should be scheduling regular maintenance for your HVAC system, especially in the winter. These are five reasons why.

1) Save Money

If you are using an inefficient HVAC system, you could be virtually throwing money away. It will cost significantly more to heat or cool your building with a poorly-maintained system. According to the Department of Energy, you could save up to 30% on your bill by ensuring the HVAC is running at optimal efficiency.

Routine maintenance also helps avoid breakdowns and extend the life of the system. That means that you get more for your money from the system you currently have. If it is under warranty, routine maintenance may even be required to stay protected.

2) Enhance Comfort

You have your HVAC system to keep your property at a comfortable temperature. Whether it is an owner-occupied or rental space, you want the people in your building to enjoy their time there. If it is freezing cold or boiling hot, few people are going to want to be in the space.

An efficient HVAC system can manage the temperature more smoothly. It will also do so more quietly. Furthermore, an avoidable breakdown will immediately cause the building’s temperature to become uncomfortable. In short, maintenance makes your HVAC better.

3) Ensure Safety

You may be surprised by the damage a malfunctioning HVAC system can do. First, it has the potential to cause an electrical fire. Second, the HVAC protects other parts of your home such as the plumbing. If you let your heating cut out during the winter, you may have a burst pipe on top of a broken HVAC system. Schedule a maintenance call to avoid this situation.

Additionally, a cracked or failed heat exchanger can cause a carbon monoxide leak. This could quickly become dangerous and may not be noticed by anyone until it is too late. Avoid that liability by getting your system serviced.

4) Improve Air Quality

You may be surprised to learn that indoor air pollutants are often higher than outdoor levels. If anyone in your building suffers from respiratory issues, this could cause a health problem. Additionally, better air quality will help make your building a more comfortable place to do business.

5) Protect the Environment

Last but not least, an efficient HVAC system is good for the environment. You may want to simply reduce your footprint for moral reasons. However, going green can also attract new tenants to your investment property. It is always good for your brand image to take serious steps to be more eco-friendly.

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