Why Is Summer the Best Time To Lay Asphalt?

Why Is Summer the Best Time To Lay Asphalt? | Royal Oak Property Services

Many business owners choose to install asphalt in their parking lots. Asphalt is often preferable to concrete because asphalt tends to last for a longer period of time than concrete and is also considered to be more eco-friendly than concrete. However, many people who are considering asphalt installation don’t realize that summer is often the best time to lay asphalt.

1. Ease of Installment

During the fall and winter, putting down asphalt is often more difficult than it is during spring and summertime. Installing asphalt when it is cold outside can be particularly time-consuming since asphalt needs to remain at a high temperature when it is initially installed. If asphalt cools too quickly, compacting it can be difficult. Whereas it can be difficult to create a smooth surface when it is cold due to the lower ground temperature, asphalt that is laid in spring or summer is likely to have fewer imperfections and is easier to smooth out and compact.

2. Asphalt Laid in Warm Weather Generally Has a Longer Life Span

The time of year asphalt is put down can drastically affect the overall life span of the asphalt. Though it is more durable than concrete in general, if asphalt is installed when it is cold outside, cracks and other issues are more likely to occur. If multiple cracks appear in the asphalt, maintenance will likely be necessary. However, when asphalt is installed by professionals from Royal Oak Property Services during the summer, the asphalt is less likely to encounter major issues during and after installation. As a result, your asphalt will likely require less maintenance, which can help to save you money long-term.

3. Asphalt Installation Is Normally Quicker During Summer

Installing asphalt in a timely but efficient manner is often important. When the weather is cooler, contractors normally need to take measurements to ensure the asphalt cures appropriately. Though these precautions are often necessary, it can be time-consuming to take such precautions. Cold temperatures and less daylight also mean that contractors might have to take a break in between working days to give the asphalt adequate time to cure. Higher temperatures allow the asphalt to cool down and cure at a steady rate. Though it’s sometimes necessary to temporarily shut down a business when asphalt is being installed, quicker installation can allow you to reopen your business in a timely manner.

When looking at maintenance that you can perform on your business during the summer, it’s often helpful to consider what type of projects work best during that time of year. When it comes to asphalt, installing in the summer can help to make the process simple and quick.